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Angel Marquez
2020-08-28 17:21:35

More about: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

This time we return with a Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles guide with the objective of explaining how to defeat the Goblin King.

Who is the Goblin King in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles?

 It is about a boss that we must face, this one focuses on making our health fall through a poison that will drain us slowly, which causes us a kind of stagger in our physical attacks, it is also capable of invocations of Orcs that have the same effect, now if we want to understand How to defeat the Goblin King, the details will be presented in this guide in the next content, let's follow it closely.

How to defeat the Goblin King in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles?

 Before the beginning of the real battle it is necessary to obtain 2 keys to access this boss, for this we have to eliminate 4 Orcs, then go against it, only that we must take care of ourselves since it will be able to make its invocations of Orcs and teleport, also performs spells, but we have to go to the other side of the arena and face the Orcs, what we will see is the boss teleport to our location, it is important to avoid being hit in the melee, since if We get to stagger everything will complicate us, the first thing we will do is focus on the smaller enemies and sometimes hurt the boss.
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At some point their poisonous magic attacks will reach us, so this will lead to the drainage of our health, it is necessary that we have a cleaning and healing spell, this boss also uses a thunder spell against us, which will cause us to stun and smaller enemies can hurt us if they are very close, while we focus on the small enemies as they appear, we will have a simpler path, having time to perform spells, in the use of a weapon we can make the boss go back and keep X pressed so that the attack is going to load, the right moment for us to release it will be when it comes for us, thus achieving its melee attack dodge, what we will do from here is repeat the strategy until It finishes.

  Now you know how to defeat the Goblin King, follow the instructions presented in this guide and you will be able to progress safely and with fun in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles.

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