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Angel Marquez
2020-08-28 17:52:55

More about: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

You want to know how to defeat the giant crab in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles because you have come to the right place for its explanation.

What to know about the giant crab in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles?

Size is one of the peculiar characteristics that this enemy has, throughout the game it seems to be the largest, now it is our first confrontation with a boss, it is very clear that with its size it can be intimate but it is not invincible, for this we will help you know how to defeat the giant crab in this guide, you just have to pay close attention to the following details.

How to defeat the giant crab in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles?

Magic will be a strong point to use against this enemy, he does everything possible to keep his distance, due to his slowness it is possible that the appropriate strategy is to cut his legs, among the attacks that this enemy has 2 are the main ones, in one we have that it is magic with missiles similar to a laser and the other consists of a glowing sphere that will follow us, the first one is possible to dodge easily, the launch of this one takes a lot of time and the boss will not bother to follow us if we move, while the bright sphere travels very slowly and it is possible to flee from it until it has disappeared, the danger is that it reaches us and paralyzes us, after time of battle we have to fall the boss and this He is going to start jumping through the air with the purpose of crushing us with his incredible size, but we will always have time to evade him by running, again we have to start attacking him at his feet.
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A very effective magic attack can be wind, only that we can be exposed to the attacks of the boss of course, it is necessary that we take into account the right moments to carry out our attacks to avoid it, it is always necessary that in the combats that are we have in our command list a phoenix wing, since with this we can come to revive by launching automatically, when we beat the giant crab we will get myrrh for the chalice, a letter and the option to send objects for our family , it is good that everything matches our choices at the beginning of the game in relation to the family, we also get an additional artifact.

This is all we need to know about how to defeat the giant crab, apply the details and you will surely be the winner in this Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles fight.

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