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Lidia Rozo
2020-09-02 19:59:24

More about: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Today we make for you a Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles guide where we tell you what all the spell fusion combos are

What is the spell fusion combos importance in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles?

  The first thing we must comment on is that the game is already known since it was released for Game Cube, which simply allows us to move on some interesting memories, for those who have not played it before, it is the perfect opportunity to access a game where the Fantasy takes on enormous importance, and with this it is possible to get some spell combos, which are excellent, since it is possible to use them in single player and multiplayer mode, only that according to the way we play it is possible that these have any change.
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What are all the spell fusion combos in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles?


  •  Blizzaga: composed of Blizzard Blizzard.
  • Clearaga: composed of Claro Claro.
  • Curaga: it is composed of Cura Cura.
  • Slow: Composed of Life Blizzard- / fire / thunder.
  • Fira: composed of Fire Fire
  • Firaga: Composed of Fire Fire Fire
  • Fire Strike: Composed of Fire Force Attack.
  • Graviga: Composed of Blizzard Fire Thunder
  • Thunder Strike: Composed of Thunder Force Attack
  • Hastega: Composed by Vida Cura Cura Cura
  • Holyra: Composed of Life Life Blizzard / Fire / Thunder
  • Ice Strike: Composed of Blizzard Force Attack
  • Gravity: Composed of Either of these two: Blizzard, Fire, Thunder.
  • Fast: Composed by Life Cure Cure
  • Saint: Composed of Life Blizzard / Fire / Thunder
  • Slowga: Composed of Life Blizzard / Fire / Thunder Blizzard / Fire / Thunder
  • Snowstorm: Composed of Snowstorm Snowstorm
  • Thundara: Composed of Thunder Thunder
  • Thundaga: Composed of Thunder Thunder Thunder
  • Full Life: Composed of Life Life.

 These are all the spell fusion combos that we can execute while we are playing Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, as there are definitely several and they are at our complete disposal, do not hesitate to try them.

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