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FIFA 22 offers us more actions, let's see what are the new features of Career mode.

What does it mean to have new Career Mode features in FIFA 22?

This game has more content to explore, in fact these new functions of the Career mode are expected to offer us a fascinating experience in relation to the possibility of creating a club, this simply translates into having the opportunity to customize our team, counting on this way with more freedom and gain another experience.

What are the new features of Career mode in FIFA 22?

  • It should be noted that this mode usually offers us other ways to progress in this game.
  • With these new functions, we are allowed to achieve more achievements.
  • There is a chance to get a little deeper into the Pro journey through the game.

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    Although it is true, even EA Sports has not provided further details, it is possible that these functions imply a considerable change, at the end of all its arrival is close enough, it is expected that we can enjoy this for the month of October and from now on it is good to have all the necessary details to be able to enjoy it without any inconvenience, this means that we will have a game that may turn out to be a little more realistic, especially considering that it has HyperMotion technology presenting ourselves in this way:

    • A more realistic gameplay in relation to goalkeepers.
    • Have a more realistic ball physics.
    • A new sprint control.
    • More tactics to attack.
    • Have more than 4000 new animations.
    • We get a better football experience.
    • More stadium design.

    This is what we know to date about what are the new features of Career mode, although it is true, there is still more information, it is good to note that there are some interesting changes in FIFA 22.

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