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Find out how to turn on cross progression in this excellent and explanatory Fall Guys guide.

What to know about cross-progression in Fall Guys?

 Through Epic Games we have these interesting options, which allow us to have our cosmetics and other things available between platforms, use our profile on another platform is possible, get other advantages for achievements and more, now looking to be aware of How to turn on cross progression there are some indications that we must follow and that this guide will present to us next, let's see.

How to turn on cross progression in Fall Guys?

 The first thing we must keep in mind about How to turn on cross-progression is that the accounts in their entirety that we seek to play Fall Guys must have connected with the Epic Games Store account itself, because the latter is the one who publishes the game, among the benefits of this we have cross progression, through other games some of us may have it ready at this point, but for the linking of our console and account we have to apply the following:
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    • On the official website of Epic Games we create the account from scratch or log in with the profile of our platform.
    • We will go to our account profile where we enter the concession options and then accounts.
    • The next thing is to connect and disconnect our Steam, Github, Twitch, PlayStation Network, Xbox Live and Nintendo Switch Online accounts and click on the one we want to link following the instructions on the screen as to How to enable cross-progression we log in and we will link.
    • With everything linked, cross-progression in Fall Guys will be enabled automatically on these accounts and with everything correct, our progress can be transferred from one platform to another.


     The result of this for Fall Guys is that when using cross-play with Epic Games games like this, an account will be automatically created that will be linked to the platform on which we play, so playing for example on PlayStation we will have an account fictitious linked to the corresponding one, now having a pair of bookmark accounts with both console profiles it can be complex to enable this function, you have to unite everything in a single Epic Games Store account so that our cosmetics and others can be transferred to this unique account, being necessary to log in to all platform accounts with the previous indications, then unlink the console account we have with the linked Epic Games account, as for How to turn on cross-progression with this we can link it from new with the main one we have.

     Now that we know how to turn on cross progression, we will only have to do it with the application of the instructions to take advantage of this function in Fall Guys

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