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2020-12-22 10:22:03

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Our guide today on Facebook Messenger lets us tell you how to disable chat headers on Android 11

What should we consider disabling chat headers in Android 11 for Facebook Messenger?

  It is necessary to take care of knowing how to disable chat headers in Android 11, because this makes things a bit more tedious, making this interface that is presented to us can in a way be a bar object and for what it is important to have considered:
  •   Bubbles have become a very visible feature in the development of Android 10 and obviously in Android 11 they seem not to change.
  • It is necessary to have a device that works with Android 11 without exception.
  • There is the possibility to deactivate the bubble function for conversations.
  • It is necessary to have version

How to disable chat headers on Android 11 in Facebook Messenger?

One of the things with which it is necessary to have knowledge is with the topic of bubbles, because each of the conversations we have usually has a bubble, this means that if we receive a message immediately, the bubble will appear on our screen, which allows us to touch the bubble and this has the effect of the possibility of expanding the chat thread, we can close the chat and the bubble just by dragging it to the bottom of the screen, only this makes us have to hold it down while we move you.

 Now, activating and deactivating the bubbles is an interesting matter, and to do, so it is necessary:
  •  Open the setting's app.
  • Then proceed to press Applications and notifications.
  • Then press See all applications.
  • Then it is necessary to scroll down in order to get to the Messenger application to open it.
  • Proceed to press Notifications.
  • Then play Bubbles again
  • Finally, choose between All conversations can bubble or Selected conversations can bubble and voila.
 Now that you know how to disable chat headers in Android 11 it is time to try it and thus get the best comfort for your conversations in Facebook Messenger.

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