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Lidia Rozo
2020-07-13 18:53:49

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The world of speed does not stop and this allows us to enjoy F1 2020, which gives us the opportunity to learn how to get podium pass

What is the podium pass in F1 2020?

  This is similar to what is known as a battle pass for other games, as it brings with it badges, some paint work, in short, some important and interesting features, we can even level up, it is also important to know that we got here before Two Free and VIP variants, as this has been added as a novelty in this 2020 season so we will prepare to enjoy this and all the changes that this game has brought to us.
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How to get podium pass in F1 2020?

This new element that has been incorporated is not yet available, but very soon we will all have access to it, since the idea is that when making the purchase we are offered the opportunity to access more content, since the season is long and has a considerable amount of time to achieve our goals.

Unlocking the free content is probably the easiest task and it is done by playing, but we will not necessarily have to do it this way by pressing Square / X, since the VIP version can be purchased for an amount of 9,000 Pit Coins and this is simply done by pressing X / A and this takes us to the platform store as long as we have ordered the game in advance, they are simple but necessary requirements. Getting the podium allows us to consider working hard and for this it is necessary to go to the start menu of F1 2020 then press L3 because this simply allows you to open the center of cards and thus access the Podium Pass where we can have access to all 30 levels.

 Definitely knowing How to get podium pass is simply a necessary task because it opens up the possibilities to the novelties that F1 2020 brings for us.

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Codemasters Birmingham
Ego engine
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10 July 2020
Single-player, multiplayer
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