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F1 2020 is shaping up to be an extremely interesting option and that's why today we're going to talk to you about How to fix Lags on PC, let's see.

What are the Lags that are present in F1 2020?

  These are nothing more than some performance delays and tend to bother us considerably, above all they are more annoying because this is a speed game, in a way this may be particularly due to the fact that perhaps we do not have some recommended requirements to be able to play on our PC and It is valid since it is very clear in relation to the necessary requirements, but in one way or another we are going to explain exactly how to fix the Lags on PC since this can simply allow us to enjoy this game to the fullest.
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    How to fix Lags on PC in F1 2020?


     Here we present some options that may be the solution to your problem, since modifying some advanced settings is an alternative and for this you only need to go to the game options to select settings and that these can stay in this way.


    Make adjustments.

    •  Get the effects of the weather placed low.
    • Tire marks need to be removed.
    • Get the texture to flow on top.
    • Place the ultra high mirrors.
    • Place the ground cover low.
    • Lower crowd required.
    • We can choose to set the shadows to Medium.
    • Place the reflections on the screen that are off.
    • Place the quality of the lighting medium.
    • Put off the SSTR Shadows.
    • Place the particles in the Middle.
    • Put out the smoke shadows.
    • Reflex the vehicle to Medium.
    • Set the smoke shadows off as advanced.
    • Place as under the Post process.


     In order to know how to fix Lags on PC, it is likely that we need to have more FPS and for this it is important to consider some adjustments, since these have the ability to reduce the image quality in a certain way and are the following:


    •  Place vehicle reflections ultra low.
    • Set SSRT shadows to off.
    • Lower the Mirrors.
    • Place under the ground cover.
    • Place off for Ambient occlusion.
    • We can mix tire brands.
    • Set the texture of the stream as ultra low.
    • Set the smoke shadows off as Advanced.
    • We can choose to remove tire shadows.
    • Place low light quality.
    • Place Low to the effects of the weather.
    • Place ultra low to the shadows.
    • We can choose to place the reflections of the screen space as off.

    Other adjustments that we can consider making and are usually much easier to apply, but we can still get to see results in F1 2020 are:


    •  Set the frame rate limit to simply be off.
    • Get Vsync to be turned off.
    • Turn off High Dynamic Range images.
    • Place Anti-Aliasing TAA to reduce some graphic effects.


    Are graphics card updates required to play F1 2020?

     We can choose to make some updates to the graphics cards because the need to know how to fix Lags on PC simply allows us to get as many solutions as possible, because every time a game is launched it is usually necessary to check or inform us about the minimum requirements or recommended, because there they specify which we require so that a certain game can run, the ideal is to get our graphics card to be updated and if it is not, it will only be necessary to take a little of our time and proceed to the web page of the Drivers review and update them if necessary, the good thing is that both Nvidia and AMD usually have support constantly so this will not be a problem.

     Here we present some possible solutions on How to fix Lags on PC since simply consider the one that best suits you or the easiest it can be for you to solve these delays since simply F1 2020 requires some interesting settings.

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