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Lidia Rozo
2020-07-14 15:43:40

More about: F1 2020

F1 2020 has also had bugs and so today we want to talk to you about How to fix error code 1008H, let's see.

What is error code 1008H in F1 2020?


  Firstly, it should be noted that this is not a novelty and this is because this problem was seen in F1 2019, so we could practically say that it is not a novelty but still annoying, previously it was easy to solve with Microsoft Easy Fix, but this Failure is much more related to a drawback of online services, it is also convenient to check some NAT addresses, since this can be an alternative that allows us to continue. However, let's go step by step, because knowing how to correct the error code 1008H simply offers us some answers and we will describe them below.
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How to fix error code 1008H in F1 2020?

The first thing that we must understand is that these failures usually happen in games, in fact there is practically no game that has not presented any inconvenience, since they are works of art made by humans and do not necessarily remain perfect, perhaps the failures although it sounds somewhat illogical they can give some emotion to a game, simple details allow us to find out how to correct the error code 1008H and this allows us to consider some solutions that are not necessarily complex but have their necessary usefulness in F1 2020 and are the following.

1. The possibility of running Windows troubleshooting, this can be an alternative to be able to enjoy this speed game and for this it is necessary:


  •  Press Windows I.
  • Then select Update and Security.
  • Then we must select Troubleshooting.
  • Next we scroll down to Find and fix other issues.
  • Then we select Network adapter.
  • Finally we click on Run and follow all the instructions that are presented to us on the screen.


 2. Being advanced users we can choose to change the NAT type to open.

 Our work here on knowing how to correct the error code 1008H allows us to search for an option that can solve this problem, starting with checking that NAT can be open, checking it is not so complex but if the steps must be followed in the correct way, trying to write down first the static IP address of our device, since it is an important detail to be able to run F1 2020.



  •  In the particular case of PS4 users it is necessary to go to Settings.
  • Then move to Network and there choose to check the connection status.


Xbox One.

  •  In the case of Xbox One, checking the NAT type allows us to get to Settings.
  • Then go to Red.


 Writing down the IP address and MAC address is necessary and this can be done like this:


  •  In the case of PS4 users it is necessary:
  • Start and Access the main menu and go to settings.
  • Then move to Network and from there check the connection status.
  • Once the IP address and MAC address are located, we only proceed to write it down.


 In the case of Xbox One users it is necessary:

  •  Start Xbox One.
  • Then we move to Configuration and from there to Network.
  • Then we locate Advanced Settings to navigate to the IP address and MAC address to proceed to write it down.

Before moving forward with F1 2020, it is necessary to consider that the IP address and the MAC address simply allow us to establish the static IP address, and then it is possible to access with our username and password when we access the browser, because the idea is to move to Configuration and upon arrival Activate manual assignment, we proceed to incorporate the IP address and MAC address of our console, we add it, in some occasions it will probably be necessary to carry out a search for exact options for it, it will only be enough to write the router name and configure the static IP Address, and once it is ready, we are finally offered the possibility of redirecting ports, since it is definitely necessary to be advanced users to do this process that allows us to know how to correct the error code 1008H.

The port ranges we want to open for F1 2020 are as follows:



  •  UDP: 3074, 3478-3479.
  • TCP: 1935.3478-3480.


 Xbox One.

  •  UDP: 88.500.3074.3544.4500
  • TCP: 3074

 To open the port ranges it is necessary to place the correct protocol, either TCP or UDP, and then it will be necessary to proceed to enter the static IP address of our console, after that it will only be necessary to click on enable or OK and finally restart our console to verify that the changes have been made correctly and thus solve our question on How to correct the error code 1008H, in order to continue our performance in the races of F1 2020 since they are interesting.

 This is all we know about How to correct the error code 1008H, we hope it can help you to enjoy F1 2020, if you know another solution for this failure then share it with us, it will be well received.

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