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Delve into the universe of Evil Genius 2 because today we come to tell you How to use heat.

What to know about the heat in Evil Genius 2?

It is the most important factor in the game, it could be said, this is a fundamental pillar to carry out our dominance plans, because if we accumulate a lot of heat we will be investigated by the forces of justice, who seek to end our purpose, then it is necessary that we are always aware of our global operations and know how to use heat, which will be explained in the following content, let's see.

How to use heat in Evil Genius 2?

As time passes, and we execute plans, the heat will be generated slowly, something that passively accumulates by our criminal networks, but with improvements to the global operations' investigation tree we can reduce the heat, while In the execution of plans it can be a problem that affects the heat with greater force, only removing the purple plants, with the execution of each one we are indicated the amount of heat that occurs in the time that it lasts, while the better rewards the heat will be higher by Evil Genius 2
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    Depending on the duration of the plans is that the heat will be generated, a factor to take into account on How to use heat, each of our criminal networks has a heat limit that can be generated throughout the region in a few minutes upon arrival. At the top, if we exceed ourselves, the justice forces will be alerted, so double heat management is the key to avoid it, we always have to be attentive to our criminal networks in global operations, to know the right moment to leave a scheme in favor of a purple one, because they turn out to be the most important by allowing the reduction of heat in any of our networks to 0.

    The cost to pay for the purple plans is in gold, which will allow the heat values ​​to fall quickly, the subjects can also be of help, but this works more slowly and gradually, it is important to use these if we become within 20 percent of the limit, now if we have gold we can risk more, they are certainly important options that will avoid being investigated and infiltrated, we must always be attentive to the heat levels, managing the costs of our plans is vital to be prepared if we have to carry out a deviation of plans to purple, we must bear in mind that if we kill, questioning the investigators this may complicate the level of heat, increasing it, which will make us face even better agents, and we will go through many problems.

    In this way we finish our Evil Genius 2 guide, now that you know how to use heat, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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