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Everyone Dies: Controls for PC Keyboard

2020-01-08 12:40:07

The explanation we bring today aims to talk about the controls for the PC keyboard in Everyone Dies.

 This guide gathers information from several portals, because we want to make clear as best as possible how to handle the controls for the PC keyboard when playing Everyone Dies.

What can we say about Everyone Dies?

 This is a game where we are involved in making use of combat weapons and firearms, but that's not all since the waves are zombies that take us to use machines and some hand-to-hand combat, our goal here is to gain points, is to block levels, characters, obviously weapons, open some paths and above all spend XP while we run all these details.

What are the features of Everyone Dies?

  •  It features a variety of firearms and close combat.
  • Several types of infected.
  • 3 player characters with their own unique abilities.
  • Advanced and balanced weapon customization system, with the possibility of improving our weapon's stats.
  • Multi-level XP system
  • Variety of places.
  • Statistics and achievements.
  • Devices, machines and pills.

What are the controls for PC keyboard in Everyone Dies?

 Action keys.

  •  To advance W
  • To back up S
  • To move to the right D
  • To move left A.
  • To recharge R
  • To use H-pills.
  • To use G-pills.
  • To deploy combat weapon Q
  • To interact F
  • To inspect weapon 2
  • To change the alpha 1 weapon.
  • For Crouch Ctrl.
  • To open the TAB weapons menu.
  • Pause space.
  • Jump space.
  • To run the turn.

We hope that with this guide you will be able to manage easily in Everyone Dies because here you have everything related to the controls for the PC keyboard. 

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