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Ambar Jimenez
2023-04-14 16:16:36

The console vs. PC war is an ongoing war that has spread to the far reaches of the Earth. It’s only natural to expect this occurrence to rear its head in the world of esports.
Even when considering the pros and cons of playing on a console vs. playing on a PC, not many consider the competitive side. Still, there’s much to consider from this aspect when reaching a verdict on which platform is better.
Do console esports players have an advantage over PC esports players or vice versa? What kinds of games are better to play on each console? These questions may have simple yet unexpected answers we’ve yet to discover.
This article will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both gaming platforms, as well as consider their roles in the competitive esports scene. Keep reading to find out which platform reigns supreme in the world of esports!

Console vs. PC: The Differences

A quick look at reputable esports and gaming news websites such as fragster.com will reveal that both platforms are rather popular in their own respective areas. Still, there are some differences between them that may be easy to spot for some, yet tricky for others.
The first and most noticeable difference is the hardware. Although they function on a similar principle, a console’s hardware is hardly comparable to a PC’s hardware. Most prominently, PC parts are upgradeable and there’s a wide choice of components to include in your PC build. On the other hand, consoles have limitations in their pre-built parts. You cannot modify or upgrade a console in the same way you can upgrade a PC.
Second, you’ll notice the repertoire may be slightly different. Although most games feature releases on multiple platforms, some titles may appear as console exclusives.
Finally, the difference in communities is also a prominent one. While crossplay is available for some titles, allowing the two communities to mix, they mostly keep apart and to their own devices.

Console Gaming: Pros and Cons

Console gaming has a wide range of pros and cons that are up to the player to weigh and decide on. We’ll list a few of them below.
The first advantage of console gaming is convenience. Where PC gaming has you sitting at a desk on a chair that may or may not be comfortable for you, console gaming allows players to enjoy games from the comfort of their couch or bed.
Consoles are also much easier to use than PCs. Considering their only function is allowing you to game, the interface is much more user-friendly and easier to figure out.
Finally, consoles are more affordable for gamers than PCs. When developing a game, developers will take into account the console’s capabilities. These can run for a few years while the console is still in the current gen.
However, consoles also have their drawbacks. You’ll find a few examples below.
While consoles are more affordable, they also feel less personal as they aren’t too customizable. Unless the company releases a custom version of the console, it’s hard to get it to look the way you want.
Furthermore, consoles have no upgrade options. This means that you’ll need to purchase a completely new console every few years. This is understandably inconvenient for most players.
Finally, some players may find it easier to use a mouse and keyboard. Consoles, on the other hand, are meant to be used with controllers and joysticks. As such, they rarely offer mouse and keyboard support. This can prove to be a drawback for some players.

PC Gaming: Pros and Cons

Although console gaming is in no way insufficient, PC gaming takes gaming to the next level. Depending on the type of PC you use, the graphics and performance can sometimes feel surreal. With a higher FPS cap than on console, players are able to achieve visuals console players will rarely see.
Contrary to consoles, PC gamers also have greater customization options for their set-ups. With a wide range of monitors, keyboards, mouses, PC cases, and more, it’s a lot easier to get your device looking the way you want it to.
PC players will also find using a mouse and keyboard to be much easier than fiddling with a controller. In esports, this may give players an edge and advantage console players don’t have.
However, there are a few drawbacks to PC gaming, too. All the performance and customization options can cost a pretty penny, making it a more expensive option. Gamers also need a bit of tech knowledge to build their rig in the first place, and even more to be able to maintain it.

The Impact of Console and PC on Esports

It’s important to note that the console and PC esports communities and leagues mostly keep apart. The advantages these two platforms have over each other make sure of that.
However, it’s hard to disagree with the fact that PC gaming is a lot more prominent in esports. With a larger repertoire of games and more active players, most of the esports news you’ll see on the surface is about PC esports.
Still, it’s incorrect to say that console esports don’t exist. Consoles becoming more powerful and delivering better performance are just two factors that helped popularize console esports.
We should also mention that console esports used to be more popular among fighting games and their players. However, the introduction of different genres and titles to consoles have allowed console esports to branch out to other areas.
Overall, both console and PC esports play important parts in the popularization of esports. The combination of the two allows a wider audience to enjoy and participate in esports competitions and prove their video game prowess.


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