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If you are wondering how to fix error 500 in Epic Games Store this guide is for you because we will help you repair it.

What is error 500 in Epic Games Store.

This is a bug caused by the high level of traffic reaching the digital storefront, preventing you from being able to fully load the game, so users dealing with it are forced to have to restart the launcher.
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How to fix the 500 error in Epic Games Store.

The best way to fix this error is by restarting the and trying to continually refresh the page until the initiator traffic decreases.

In most of the times, this error occurs when trying to get information about the GTA 5 premium edition that arrives at the store for free, that being so high the user traffic this error occurs.

But the solution is there, in continually updating the launcher until you can finally move on.

  For now this is all you need to know about how to fix the 500 error in Epic Games Store, remember that the error is on the developers side, so don't despair if you can't access on the first try, keep trying and be patient, you are not the only one, good luck

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