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We are still running quests in Elden Ring to tell you where to find all the Cemetery Shade.

What are all the Cemetery Shade in Elden Ring?

  These are nothing more than black beings that have the ability to wield a weapon called the Mantis Blade and that has the ability to double in size, which makes enemies a bit more difficult to dodge, in this sense, arises It is necessary to know where to find all the shadows in the cemetery, but this is not all, because these shadows have the ability to paralyze us for a short period of time and attack us.

Where to find all the Cemetery Shade in Elden Ring?

  It is necessary to launch ourselves into a series of searches that will lead us to:

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The Weeping Peninsula: this is a place where we will find them and it is a place that is in the southern area of ​​Limgrave on the other side of the Sacrifice Bridge, when arriving at the peninsula it is vital to move south in order to reach the road where we will find the Tombsward Catacombs near the road, the boss is usually in the dungeon and has the ability to throw summoning ashes at us for Lhutel the Headless when defeated.

 Liurnia: we continue the task to know where to find all the shadow of the cemetery and this is a place north of Limgrave to which we must go, in this sense, it is vital to move to this area to get the boss at the end of Black Knife Catacomb, but the existing boss will not be a single boss, here we will also see a Black Knife Assassin boss, only that these bosses are usually separated, in this case we must go to the north of Liurnia until we reach the lake in the center of the region and continue walking in Heading north along the cliff, we will see several cliffs with tombstones that usually protrude and this is where the catacombs that we are looking for in Elden Ring are where we must defeat the boss so that he drops the ashes of the Sorcerer Twinsage.

 Caelid: this is another of the places that we must visit and it is usually located to the east of Limgrave, here things are usually a bit more complicated, we must be attentive to every movement and when we reach Caelid move to the southeast that takes us to the Great Bridge impassable, which implies taking care of following the cliff to find the entrance to the catacombs that are next to a tree with a raven that is interested in attacking, we must take care of defeating the shadows to get Rot Kindred's ash.

 Now that you know where to find all the Cemetery Shade, it's time to launch into this quest that only Elden Ring offers you.

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