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Daniel Hidalgo
2022-05-13 15:58:46

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Pay close attention if you want to know how to beat the rotten tree spirit in Elden Ring, because here we will cover everything you need in detail.

Who is the putrid tree spirit in Elden Ring?

This is an optional boss in the game that is immune to sleep and madness, resistant to poison damage and scarlet rot, holy bleeder. He is weak to fire and can end up getting affected by scarlet rot, poison, bleeding, and frost damage. Eliminating this boss will allow you to obtain spiritual ashes, to make potions. But even knowing all this, it will be difficult to kill this enemy if you do not know how to defeat the spirit of the putrid tree.

How to beat the putrid tree spirit in Elden Ring?

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When you finish Radahn, you will have to go back to his boss arena > use the path south until you reach the north coast and look for the entrance to the War-Dead catacombs, on a cliff near the beach > you will have to enter to start a battle while you go through the labyrinth.

You must follow the clues and be aware of the traps to avoid falling, the dead ends and the false walls. You'll want to keep an eye out for any signs of undead activity, this will tell you where the final opponent, Putrid Tree Spirit, will be. When you reach the end, you will receive a treasure and a lock.

How to beat the putrid tree spirit in Elden Ring? - Battle with the boss

If I had to mention the most dangerous attacks in the game, the Grab Attack of the Putrid Tree Spirit would be one of them. This one can deal massive damage that you could shoot yourself right away. To deal with him, we recommend learning to identify the boss's movements, which will allow you to predict them and know when to act. For this, you simply have to practice, until you master it and can avoid his attacks.

This enemy, in addition to dealing physical damage, can also inflict the Scarlet Rot status ailment, which basically drastically reduces your health regeneration rate. To deal with this, you'll need to use flame, Cleanse Me, or a good supply of Preservating Boluses to counter the effect.

The flame will remove Scarlet Rot's debuff, and Cleanse Me will whittle away. Preserving bowling will also help offset the health reduction, this is important if you want to stand a chance of survival.

Make sure you wear good armor for your defense and resistance to the elements.

That's all you need to know about how to beat the spirit of the putrid tree in Elden Ring, so we hope we have been as helpful as possible, so you can finish this boss quickly.

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