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Lidia Rozo
2022-06-09 16:04:46

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Elden Ring offers us a new search, let's see where to find the mask of Confidence.

What is the Mask Of Confidence in Elden Ring?

This is an accessory to wear on the head and it is associated with the rebel of Ranni the Witch, so we will have to know where to find the mask of trust, especially considering that this case usually increases our Arcane by 3, In addition, the helmet is quite light, we can use it whether we are a man or a woman, we get some slight variations of this mask, it usually offers us some defensive properties for our character, in this sense, we invite you to continue reading because there is information that you cannot miss.

Where to find the Mask Of Confidence in Elden Ring?

 This is a quest that will take us to Carian Study Hall, here we must discover that the tower can be modified when using the inverted statue of Carian, this is a quest item that is usually achieved by completing Ranni's request, we must take care of getting one sword before reaching this point because Ranni will ask us to take Nokron's hidden treasure, this task will take us to the mask and for this we must:

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  • Get to Carian Study Hall and this is usually done through the western cliffs of Liurnia, then we will get to the lower slope which is usually north of the tower.
  • We connect to the Liurnia Lakes East Coast grace site path to enter and place the pedestal statue in the center of the hall, causing the statue to activate.
  • We will see a cut scene image play and we will be able to explore the inverted version of the Carian Study Hall.
  • We'll follow the big spire ahead and get over the minor Firngercreeps.
  • From the platform turn left and walk to the east end of the ledge, drop onto the ledge and turn around.
  • Lugo, we will see a corpse that is hanging from a hole, we will have to loot it to get the mask.


  Now that you know where to find the Mask of Confidence, you can launch into this quest that you can only run in Elden Ring.

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