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Daniel Hidalgo
2022-06-24 15:32:52

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Elden Ring can give some bugs from time to time, that's why today we will tell you how to fix Can't Duplicate memory.

What is the problem with the memory Cannot be duplicated in Elden Ring?

Removing bosses from the game will earn you Memories, which you can then duplicate using a mechanic related to the giant turtle-like stone golems that slowly traverse the Midlands. The problem is that some players cannot duplicate their memories, so they are wondering how to fix the memory cannot be duplicated.

How to fix memory Can't duplicate in Elden Ring? - Memories

You already know how these Memories are obtained, which can be traded for a considerable profit. But depending on the needs, you will be able to exchange them for runes, which saves you time searching. There are also unique items, but if you fail to duplicate Keepsakes before trading them, you will miss out on more rewards.

How to fix memory Cannot be duplicated in Elden Ring?

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To duplicate Retained Memories you'll need to interact with Walking Mausoleums, but if you can't you're in the wrong walking mausoleum.

Note that there are two types of walking mausoleums: ones with bells hanging below, and ones without bells. Those in the first group can double the Memories cast by any boss.

While mausoleums without bells cannot duplicate memories dropped by Shardbearer bosses. So make sure you head to the correct mausoleum so you can continue the duplication process.

Remember that you can only duplicate one memory per mausoleum, so make sure you're clear on which one you want to duplicate with, as there aren't enough mausoleums for Shardbearer's Memories like memories in the game.

 That's all you need to know about how to fix the Can't Duplicate memory in Elden Ring, so now that we're done, you should be pretty clear on what was going on when you duplicated. So make sure you check everything we mentioned before in order to make the duplicate.

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