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Lidia Rozo
2022-06-29 15:06:11

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Elden Ring is not without its glitches, let's see how to fix a Connection Error Occurred.

What does it mean to fix a Connection Error Occurred in Elden Ring?

  Having the ability to respond to a problem that is usually occurring in this game and that does not allow us to have the possibility of connecting to the server, this simply leaves us stuck on the black screen, for this reason it is necessary to know how to fix a Connection Error Occurred, for our good fortune this problem has a solution, especially since this phallus usually occurs when there is a communication problem between the server and the internet connection.

How to fix Connection Error Occurred in Elden Ring?

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Check the status of the server: sometimes the server can be offline and this gives us the problem, to check that it is active it is necessary to follow the official Twitter account of Elden Ring because that is where they usually publish the schedules related to maintenance, without However, knowing how to fix a Connection Error Occurred and checking that the servers are inactive makes it necessary to arm ourselves with patience and wait, in this case we will not be able to do anything, except wait, while this usually happens we can give ourselves the task of playing the mode outside of line

 Restart Steam: this is another fix that we can implement to know how to fix a Connection Error Occurred, in this case it is necessary to close Steam and this implies clicking on the cross button at the top of our screen or using the task manager to run or force certain, then restart Steam and voila.

 Make use of VPN: sometimes VPNs can get us out of trouble and this Elden Ring phallus can be eliminated thanks to it, this is usually done when there are connectivity problems, there are many VPNs available on the internet, however, in this case the most recommended is To use Cloudfare's Warp, it's free and takes up very little space.

 Restart the router: this is another fix that is usually adapted to fix a Connection Error Occurred, sometimes the router tends to get stuck and in this case we must turn it off for a few minutes and turn it on again, then just restart Elden Ring and that's it.

Update Windows: this is another action to execute, sometimes having outdated Windows can lead to errors and in this case it is necessary:


  •  Navigate to Home to find Settings.
  • Next, we locate Update & Security.
  • Next, we must search for Windows Update to select Check for updates, if any, we install them and restart the game.


 In this sense, knowing how to fix a Connection Error Occurred offers us the opportunity to apply various fixes in Elden Ring.

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