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EA: How to Fix Error EA’s Account is Invalid

2020-04-27 10:44:49

These days we've been making a lot of mistakes on various titles and today we'll tell you how to fix the error. The EA account is not valid.

What's wrong with The EA Account is Invalid.

This error has been occurring for several days now among PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC users who have been saying that when they try to sign in they get an "invalid account" message, preventing them from signing in and playing the game.

How to fix the error The EA account is invalid.

The support service has recommended to log out of the Electronics Art client and then access the official Electronics Art website, where you will have to change your account password and then return to the desktop client to log in after a few minutes.

In case this doesn't work, we have to repeat the same process until it works, but on the first attempt we should solve it.

This has been our guide on how to fix the error The EA account is invalid, which we are sure will be helpful in ending this annoying problem that prevents playing both Apex Legends and FIFA 2020.

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