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Lidia Rozo
2022-02-16 13:49:54

More about: Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 has more things for us to do and that is why we will tell you how to get all the Easter eggs.

What does it mean to get the Easter eggs in Dying Light 2?

This is a necessary task because they usually allow us in a tribute, so knowing how to get all the Easter eggs makes it necessary to launch ourselves on this quest and thus embark on different activities even when we are immersed in a hostile world full of zombies fighting for preventing us from being alive and being able to progress.

How to get all Easter Eggs in Dying Light 2?

This is a necessary search that leads us to move around different places in order to achieve a particular objective and this implies:

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Dying Light: This is one of the easter eggs that are usually present in Dying Light 2 and this quest brings us to a point where we will have to interact with the turntable in order to get a song to play, this is because the lines Why do You Voodoo are usually part of the original Techland zombies, it will only be enough to move to one of the rooms where the record player is.

Radio antenna: we continue talking about How to get all the Easter eggs and in this sense, it is necessary to listen to Aiden who usually says "I'm glad I don't have to climb something", it is necessary to take into account that this phrase usually It will be necessary to listen to it in Dying Light 2 when we have to claim the night runner and we get to see the old tower that is usually located outside the mill, it is only necessary to climb structures.

End of the world: this is another of the Easter eggs in Dying Light 2 2, to do so we must get the poster, we find it in the Pilgrim's Path mission and it will inform us about a party that is usually called "End of the world".

Song of the dying light theme: The searches to know How to obtain all the Easter eggs continue to occur latently, it is necessary to be somewhat patient, which implies continuing in the room where we found the Voodoo egg, in this sense it is It is necessary to consider that Spike can get bored and leave the place, arriving at the grand piano room where we are allowed to listen to the main song of the game.

Floating table: the search to know How to get all the Easter eggs continues and for this new one in particular it is necessary to find some components, such is the case of the Parkourk test, in this sense, it is necessary to take into account that we will be immersed in a challenge called "Hoverborad Secet Parkour", only that there is no possibility of finding it elsewhere in Dying Light 2, on the other hand, we must consider that the components are usually found in a trunk that is in the Church of Santo Tomás Apóstol .

Crane: this is the last easter egg that is necessary to get and this usually happens when Spike looks at the atmosphere, this is a task that is usually done while traveling through the desert, it is only necessary to remember and wonder how happy we could have been to witness the scenery.

 In this sense, knowing how to get all the Easter eggs offers us the opportunity to mobilize and embark on various quests that are only available in Dying Light 2.

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