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Angel Marquez
2022-02-18 17:58:50

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With our Dying Light 2 guide, you will learn more about How to Fix Mission Area Infinite Death Loop Error.

What to know about the mission area infinite death loop bug in Dying Light 2?

When we try to exit a mission this problem occurs, what causes it is a repetition of the game's outro, which leaves us in an infinite loop even when we try to load the mission, even if the time is at zero we will be returning to the same scene that killed us, which is unbearable, now looking to know how to fix the mission area infinite death loop error is presented in this guide some details to consider, let's see them below.

How to fix mission area infinite death loop error in Dying Light 2?

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We start with the basics of restarting the game and our computer, we can try uninstalling the game and installing it again, in case of not reaching anything with this on How to fix the mission area infinite death loop error, the following to try is to join another player's servers using our save file on it, which can take us back to our game, there has also been the situation in Dying Light 2 where we can take a trip to a subway station without continuing from the file that we have saved, among other options is to get the map and the inventory before death, which causes the respawn page before the time reaches zero to make a fast trip taking out the inventory and with this break the loop, certainly it should be noted that the developers are working on the problem, they have brought a patch that can solve this, but if it is not even effective, we have to please submit a ticket to the support team to notify us.

We can conclude that knowing how to solve the infinite death loop error in the mission area is easier than thought by following these instructions, since it only remains to do it to try to reach normality in Dying Light 2.

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