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Daniel Hidalgo
2020-03-06 21:09:43

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A complex battle that will be much simpler with this guide on how to beat Vivian Conley in Division 2.

Who is Vivian Conley in Division 2.

Vivian is one of the 4 bosses that you will have the task of defeating to be able to face the last boss of the game and in this guide we will tell how to defeat Vivian.
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How to beat Vivian Conley in Division 2.

The first thing you need to do if you wonder how to beat Vivian Conley is to complete some objectives marked on the map and that are quite simple.

After you have opened the door of the tank truck, you will have to take out a lot of cleaners taking care of the flamethrowers, in addition to having to secure different areas of the tank trucks while you finish with the cleaners to be able to progress and reach Conley, keep in mind that This will be much easier to do as a team.

On the upper deck you will find more enemies that you will also have to end, the first ones are relatively less strong while the second ones will be much stronger so finish them too.

After killing your enemies you will have to reach Vivian using an improvised bridge, as you will be in a non-repopulation area you will have to make the boss fight again.

In full combat a fire tower will be activated so you will have to take it out by firing at the tower's circuit board and redirect the gas towards the boss using the valve that is at the end and attack it also attacking the cleaners while you roll so that sticky bombs don't hurt you.

 Now that you know how to beat Vivian Conley in Division 2, there is only the right time for you to face this boss and be victorious in this battle now that you know and can do it.

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