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Lidia Rozo
2020-05-18 20:59:48

More about: División 2

Today we come to give you a simple explanation on How to beat the main objective of Jupiter while in División 2.

Who is Jupiter in División 2?

This is a game that has been modified by placing some amount of enemy bosses, and Jupiter is specifically one of them, the detail is that this is level 40, but it should not alarm us much that it is not really that strong if we are playing in normal difficulty, in addition it is necessary to overcome before its Mercury, Venus, Neptune and Saturn its 4 lieutenants.

How to beat Jupiter's main target in División 2?

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To defeat this boss, it is necessary to have all his lieutenants eliminated, proceed to head to the Roosevelt Island fortress where we will hold a fairly strong encounter, within the framework of the mission, continue to be in the docks area at the end of it, then we require get to the barcode and proceed to remove the EMP device, our work does not end here because it will be necessary to continue completing all the objectives.

Once we have managed to emerge victorious, it is time to consider the rewards for our work and where the EMP sticky bombs arise that we can perfectly detonate from a remote place caused some explosions of great impact in this game.

Finally you know how to beat Jupiter's main objective, it's time to go for these pesky enemies and finish them to make División 2 a more interesting place.

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March 15, 2019

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