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Daniel Hidalgo
2020-03-10 17:08:47

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We have prepared a guide on one of the most difficult División 2 battles, we tell you how to beat the boss of James Dragov in Warlords of New York.

Who is James Dragov in Warlords of New York at División 2.

This is one of the four warlords of New York, a corrupt agent who controls the Financial District in Lower Manhattan whom you will have to defeat before arriving in Keener and in order to complete the "Neutralize James Dragov" mission.

How to beat the boss of James Dragov in Warlords of New York in División 2.

We will begin this mission by killing some bad guys of low level, although as you go along things will get more complicated. The strategy here will be to focus first on low level enemies and then move on to higher level enemies.
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James Dragov Reserve.

After finishing all the previous enemies you will begin the process of locating the reserve of this boss. Start passing through the entrance on the left side of the bus and cross the bus and go through the door that is on the right side, where when you enter you will find some enemies that you will have to face. When you finish with them you will have to go up the stairs and using your strength open the elevator door, go up the elevator to your left and force the door in front again.

Secure the reservation.

"Secure the reservation" is the name of the target you start when you reach the floor. In that room you will find some enemies again, some of them will be at the end of the room so very pending. The best strategy with them will be to use the sniper rifle to eliminate them and be able to reach the room with orange lighting and go through the door that is on the left side.

Reach street level.

For this purpose you will have to reach the ground level while killing all the bad ones you find.

Get out of the building.

The exit is after crossing the left graffiti fence that says "Our city, our rules" where you will find a computer with which after interacting, the door will open and you can leave.

Search of the stock exchange building.

From this goal things get much more complicated.

When you start you will find a machine gun connected to an ATV and it is firing non-stop. At this point you will have to place a turret next to you to kill the lower level enemies, you will have to shoot the ATV only when it stops.

Avoid the grenades of the enemies and when you have space run and cover yourself behind the pillars of a building on the right side and shoot the ATV again but from this point.

Then you will have to run through the hole in the front wall to kill the enemies that are on the left side, then go through the door to shoot the ATV from behind to destroy it and collect everything you find.

Then run and enter the bus and kill all the enemies you find to complete the objective.

Secure Dragov's lair.

In this objective, the first thing you have to do is access the "Arena and Gymnasium" building where you will find a lot of enemies that you will have to kill trying to take care of yourself because they will attack you with everything, so cover yourself with the elevated platform that is on the right side.

When the enemies are down, move to the far left of the room to deal damage there. Then climb the ladder to the second floor where you will have to defeat some enemies again to complete this goal.

Back to the Stock Exchange building.

Exit the building and go to the orange checkpoint while you finish with the enemies waiting for you, at the checkpoint you will have to shoot at the balcony above and when it falls you can jump into the building window of the Stock Exchange Values ​​on the left.

Find and secure trading halls.

After jumping to the Stock Exchange building you will have to move to the left and then to the right to get to the casino.

Jump to the ground and go through the exit on the left and kill all the enemies you find to complete this objective.

End James Dragov.

Start the last objective by killing all the enemies that are on the floor where you are.

James Dragov will arrive using a shield and will be flanked by two other enemies that also have shields.

It will not be an easy battle, your best weapon will be the grenades, throw them when the boss comes to you with his minions or when they attack you to stop them and then shoot with everything you have.

Using the brightness of the monitor ends the few enemies that are in the distance.

The health of this boss is not easy to exhaust, we recommend shooting at a distance until you hear "Gun power restored", at which time you will use the gun from the box marked with an X that you will find at the point of weapons and ammunition .

Destroy your shield using a mini-gun and the rest will be a piece of cake.

 This is our guide on how to beat the boss of James Dragov in Warlords of New York in División 2, which we hope has been very useful and that now that you have everything you need to know to beat him, get it done as soon as possible.
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