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Edelmira Leon
2022-09-22 11:13:10

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Keep reading so we can show you where to find Fugu in Disney Dreamlight Valley, because we'll cover everything you need here.

What is the Fugu in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

It is one of the many ingredients that you can find in the game. The problem is that being a rare fish, finding it is not entirely easy. That's why here we will tell you where to find Fugu in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Where to find Fugu in where to find Fugu in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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Fugu can only be caught on Dazzle Beach during a thunderstorm. So when you start seeing lightning and rain pouring down, you'll need to head to Dazzle Beach with a resident assigned to the fishing role.

When fishing, orange nodes can be seen in the water and are the only ones that will spawn Fugu. Catching this fish before the storm ends will give you a chance to sell it for 900.

  This is the only thing you need to know about dugu you can only catch on Dazzle Beach so now that we are done we hope we were able to be as helpful as possible

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