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Keep reading if you are interested in knowing how to make pumpkin soup in Disney Dreamlight Valley, because that is what we will do today.

What is pumpkin soup in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

This is one of the many recipes that you can prepare in the game, keep in mind that there are more than 160 dishes in total, which will allow you to improve your friendship and allow you to obtain extra energy. You could even sell the meals for additional Star Coins.

How to make pumpkin soup in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

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To be able to prepare this recipe you will have to have some ingredients:

  • 1x Pumpkin, which can be found in the Forgotten Lands and can also be farmed
  • 1 milk, which you can buy for 230 Star Coins at Chez Remy Pantry
  • 1x Ginger, which you can find in fodder plants in the Forgotten Lands
  • 1x any vegetables, that you can find, you can use any type of vegetables

These items are easy to grow,

  This is everything you need to know about how to make pumpkin soup in Disney Dreamlight Valley, so we hope we have been able to help you a lot, and we hope you can prepare this meal quickly.

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