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There are various tasks to develop in all juices, let's see How to make asphalt in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

What is asphalt in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

  This is a necessary resource that we have in this game and it is usually necessary to do it because it is part of the Grand Opening of Star Command Academy, this is a recipe for Buzz and where we must take care of recruiting three villagers, in addition to getting blue balloons and decorations, this is part of Buzz's friendship quest at level 10.

How to make asphalt in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

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It is necessary to have the recipe to make it and this makes it necessary to open the Collection in order to enter Crafting, then, we will have to scroll down to reach the Fances and Paving section, we must take into account that asphalt is one of the first entries, this recipe is at the bottom of the screen and to do so we require:


  •   Sand: this is a resource that we can get in the Dazzle Beach biome, we must take care of digging the soil in most of the biomes in the valley, there are sandy plots, it is also possible to speed up the process and for this we can bring a villager to dig.
  • Pebbles: to get it we will have to use the real shovel, we must dig it out of the ground in Dazzle Beach, Forest Valor, Sunlit Plateau and Forgotten Lands.
  • Coal: this is usually used for cooking and that we get by extracting mineral nodes that are in each biome of the valley.


  It is necessary to take into account that we require 20 stacks of asphalt to progress in the mission, that means that we must get 20 stacks of each of the resources described above.

  In this sense, knowing how to make asphalt in Disney Dreamlight Valley offers us the opportunity to launch ourselves into a search and manufacturing task that we cannot ignore.

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