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Angel Marquez
2023-04-10 16:34:09

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Don't worry, How to complete WALL-E’s Bunnies on The Run quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley! Our guide will help you find and complete this quest in no time. 

Are you a Disney Dreamlight Valley player who is having trouble completing WALL-E's Bunnies on The Run quest? Well, you're in luck! In this blog post, we'll guide you through the process of completing this quest step-by-step.

Finding the Bunnies

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The first step in completing this quest is to find the bunnies. They can be found in the Plaza area of Disney Dreamlight Valley. Once you arrive at the Plaza, keep an eye out for the bunnies hopping around. They're not too hard to spot, as they have a distinctive appearance with their long ears and fluffy tails.

  • Location of the Bunnies in the Plaza: The bunnies can be found in various locations within the Plaza. Some may be hopping around in the open, while others may be hiding behind objects such as benches or flower pots. Keep exploring the area until you find all of the bunnies.
  • How to catch the Bunnies: Once you have found the bunnies, the next step is to catch them. To do this, you need to run up to them until the "Check" option becomes available. When you see this option, click on it to interact with the bunny.
  • Interacting with the Bunnies: When you interact with the bunny, it will stop hopping and become still. This is your chance to catch it! Click on the "Catch" option to add the bunny to your inventory. Repeat this process until you have caught all the bunnies.
  • Tips for catching the Bunnies: Catching the bunnies can be a bit challenging, but there are some tips that can help make the process easier. Firstly, make sure your character is well-fed before attempting to catch the bunnies. This will give you more energy and make it easier to catch them. Additionally, using the Glide feature can help you move faster and catch the bunnies more easily.

Returning the Bunnies to WALL-E

After you have caught all the bunnies, it's time to return them to WALL-E. He can be found in the Plaza area as well, near the entrance to the Valley. Approach him and click on the "Return Bunnies" option to complete the quest.

  • Rewards for completing the quest: Completing the Bunnies on The Run quest will reward you with a variety of items, including coins, experience points, and valuable resources. Additionally, you can earn a special badge for completing the quest, which will be displayed on your profile for all to see.

In conclusion, completing the Bunnies on The Run quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley is a fun and challenging task that requires some skill and strategy. By following the tips we've outlined in this blog post, you should be able to catch all the bunnies and earn some valuable rewards in the process. Good luck, and happy hunting!

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