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We will talk this time about how to revive units and how important it becomes for our gameplay in Disintegration.

  At this moment we have access to the beta version of Disintegration, first person shooter game, but we do not talk about anyone, due to the control we can have of gravity and ground units, bringing with it many elements that reinforce the action, it is important that we have the opportunity to know how to revive units and this because it is something that will be very useful in the fighting, for more details we continue below.
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    What do you need to know to revive the units in Disintegration?

     When we go into the action, it is possible that we employ soldiers so that they attack the enemies at specific points, sometimes it will not be possible for them to have the expected success, because they are not invincible, they get to die and in Sometimes we must be able to relive them, it certainly will not be something difficult to achieve but the picture is not clear as to what this result will give correctly, let's see if we find the answers in the content now that it comes.

     How to revive units in Disintegration?

     In the lower corner of our screen, we will notice the icons of the two units that we have, when they are eliminated we will see on the screen red and blue skulls the same to know where they fell eliminated, it is important that we go to the place of death and so pick them up, what we are going to notice now is that the icons in the lower left will have a color change to green and in this way the regressive time begins to run, after this time ends the units will return to normal appearing and will be We are very grateful to save them and we will control them again.

     In conclusion knowing how to revive units becomes easier than we could expect and with this we will have a more resolved doubt in one of our Disintegration guide.

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