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Angel Marquez
2020-12-18 16:44:29

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Find out how to make sparkly snowballs with powder in this excellent and explanatory guide to Destiny 2.

What to know about the shiny snowballs in Destiny 2?

It is one of the many sandwiches that we can find in the current season of the game, this in the 2020 dawn event, in the same way that all sweets require some ingredients to be made, so if we look to see How balls of sparkling snow with powder we have to consider the following guidelines.

How to make glitter snowballs with powder in Destiny 2?

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Chitin powder and the multi-faceted flavor are needed, for the first one is achieved by killing the enemies of the hive, this can be found anywhere in the game, while the multi-faceted flavor can be obtained through the different skills, The issue to follow is that the cultivation of both is more suitable on the altar of sorrows on the moon, having many hive enemies, which leads to many deaths and the possibility of accessing the cultivated ingredients that we want, using The weapons and abilities that we possess, by having both, what we will do is their respective combination in the holiday oven adding them with 15 essence of dawn so that in this way we have shiny snowballs with powder.

It is clear that knowing how to make sparkling snowballs with powder allows us to progress by having fun in Destiny 2.

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