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Destiny 2: How to Unlock the New Artifact in Season 10

2020-03-13 21:09:58

Destiny 2 brings us more interesting activities, come with me to discover How to unlock the new artifact

Exploration is part of the new season of Destiny 2, but it brings with it some pretty good activities for which it is important to put considerable effort into getting the new artifact called Warmind Khanjali from the Season of Valor.

Why is it necessary to know how to unlock the new artifact in Destiny 2?

Because this artifact is related to the progression of the story, allowing us to get the initial content of the Season of the Worthy, since this implies unlocking the Seasonal mods and bonus power, since this implies that season 10 has started off on the right foot, and an even more interesting activity to solve.

How to unlock new artifact in Destiny 2?

To unlock it, it is necessary to follow some important steps, since this occurs little by little and with a sequence of events.

The new scene of the cut in Destiny 2.

This cut scene is necessary to discover that the cabal has deactivated the navigation and propulsion systems of the Red Legion ship, so Zavala and Ana Bray will have to fight in different places of the ship that has been killed.

Talk to Zavala.

Knowing how to unlock the new artifact leads us to have a conversation with Zavala in the New Tower where he explained that the Almighty has been used as a weapon, ultimately by the Red Legion, since traveling to the tower and visiting the Titan Vanguard .

The ideal here is to have some luck and succeed where Ghaul has failed, since this is the first mission we have accomplished and it is where Zavala says that the Warm Wind Rasputin could be useful, since it would help prevent the ship from falling into chopped allowing the guardian to visit Ana Bray on Mars, beginning our journey through a long task of Destiny 2.

Visit Ana Bray on Mars.

Visiting Ana is important to complete this task, since the weapon systems are normally scattered across several planets in bunkers, only it is necessary to arm the Warmind, but as long as we have first talked to Rasputin, we must do it wisely, being precisely the Guardians responsible for activating the connections between bunkers and Warmind in Destiny.

The Light Orbits.

The light orbits must be collected in a mission that requires collecting 20 light orbs, in addition to generating 8 more, because with all of them together we have the opportunity to equip any of the Masterwork weapons, it is also possible to equip a grenade launcher Wendigo, and activate the Escalada protocol, as this mission to collect the light orbs is done before getting an audience with Rasputin.

Activate the new mission.

This occurs when we have the orbs collected, before it simply was not achieved, but this is not enough and we will have to activate another new mission again in Destiny 2, because this is a fairly easy path that will lead us to get us with some enemies while we go through Warmind .

Talk to Rasputin.

The last step to know how to unlock the new device is to talk to Rasputin, because after that we get to the main content, to talk to Rasputin it is necessary to have to mobilize to the EDZ where we will have to visit one of the Seraph bunkers allowing us to get the PvE content of the season and finally have our Warmind Khanjali, in addition there is the possibility of unlocking some anti-barrier mode.

In general terms, knowing how to unlock the new artifact depends on mobilizing ourselves within this mission that is quite long but finally satisfactory in Destiny 2.

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