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Destiny 2 has other bugs that we need to work on and so we allow ourselves to explain how to fix the Broccoli error code.

What is the Broccoli bug in Destiny 2?

  This is an inconvenience that is related to the GPU and it is necessary to know how to correct the Broccoli error code, especially taking into account that there are fixes for it and that they are not very complicated to execute, since it is an error related to the GPU we must take into account the graphics card, in this sense, we invite you to continue reading and in this way you will get simple and effective solutions.

How to fix error code Broccoli in Destiny 2?

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    Update graphics driver: this is a first solution that we must apply to know how to correct the error code Broccoli because it is possible that it is outdated and therefore it throws us the error, to solve it we must:


    •  Right-click on My Computer and proceed to select Properties.
    • Next, we will click Device Manager to locate System and Security.
    • Next, we click on System and then Device Manager.
    • We must go to the Display Adapter where we select the graphics card and proceed to click the right mouse button.
    • Then, we will click on Update driver, we will follow the instructions that are shown to us and once this is finished, we restart the PC.


     Update the operating system: we continue talking about fixes to know how to correct the Broccoli error code and this is another one that applies perfectly well for this problem in Destiny 2, for this we must:


    •  Go to Windows Settings, which involves pressing the Windows key I to proceed to select Update and security.
    • Then, we will click Check for updates, Windows will download and install them.
    • Next, we navigate to find Download and Install Now under Available Optional Updates and click Download Now.
    • We must wait while the process is completed and that's it.


     Avoid overclocking the components: this is another method to know How to correct the Broccoli error code and there is a good number of users who have the possibility of overclocking the GPU or CPU in order to achieve maximum performance, but as all too, this has its disadvantages to the point of blocking the system, we will see that the game can crash, in this sense, it is necessary to try to return to the default clock speeds and once we do, we can start Destiny 2.

     Opt to enable Vsync in game settings: Here's another fix you can apply to find out how this Vsync technology allows you to resolve this Destiny 2 error crash and to enable it you need to:


    •  Launch Steam on PC and run Destiny 2.
    • Then, we will open the settings to see on the left side of the window the Video tab where we will click.
    • Next, we select ON for the frame rate option and proceed to set the maximum frame rate value to 72.
    • Next, we click Apply to save these settings and launch the game.


     Now that you know how to fix the Broccoli error code, it's time to apply one of these fixes and thus continue enjoying Destiny 2.

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