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Angel Marquez
2020-06-12 20:47:18

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Destiny 2 is a very busy game and today it leads us to discover How to get umbral engram.

What to know about umbral engram in Destiny 2?

In the new season of the game, the threshold engram will be added, which are intended to be used for the new Drifter machine, having access to the new equipment and weapons that are in this new season, now if we want to know how to obtain the engram threshold, it is necessary that we pay attention to this article that will be presented below with precise details.

How to get umbral engram in Destiny 2?

Firstly, it is necessary that we complete some missions, which allows the threshold decoder and the prismatic receiver to be configured, to these being able to be online we will get the prizes of the thresholds that will fall in the same way as the legendary ones in the game , for any physical activity and public event, strikes, night falls and patrols, with 500 of twisted energy for each of the levels, we can also achieve them by leveling our prismatic receiver, this type of energy can be obtained for the rewards it will need In this machine, skills such as threshold discovery will give us a bonus engram threshold for completing a strike, Nightfall, Gambit or Crucible game and the last option is to level our battle pass to get one of these grams.
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Once we have the engrams it is necessary that we open them if we want our reward, so we are going to take it to the tramp who is in the tower, next to it in the room we are going to meet the prismatic receiver, the We will use and choose the option that says threshold approach and so we access a menu, we will say here what kind of engram we will do, it is possible to choose between the weapon, armor, the legacy and the one that gives us the reward, it is likely that later it will be They can unlock more while we are progressing, during each week we have some free, only that when finished it is necessary that we use some materials.

We conclude that knowing how to get umbral engram is easier to think, with these indications indicated in this Destination 2 guide we have everything solved to continue having fun.

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