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Fabiola Rodriguez
2020-07-03 15:06:40

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Guide to learning how to get the badge in the arrival season at Destiny 2

The game is back has appeared with its new update regarding new badges in the game. Destiny 2 consists of completing high-ranking missions and collecting a variety of armor and weapon collections. You can find the full requirements for the dating season badge below.

With all this said we will tell you how to complete certain badge missions and the steps you must do for missions that are not yet available in the game.

How to get the badge in the arrival season at Destiny 2?

As we have more information available, the information will be updated:
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Crucible Quest

  • Resolved Differences Emblem and Carminica Shader
  • 1,400 opponents defeated as a team
  • 3 value ranges
  • 10 crucible victories

Gambit Quest

  • Special long boy emblem and ruin crown shader
  • 1,200 targets defeated
  • 6 ranks of infamy
  • 750 specks deposited

Vanguard Quest

  • Blow on the Heart Emblem and Vanguard Marshal Shader
  • 65 bosses defeated in Nightfall or Playlist strikes
  • 800,000 points earned in nightfall or playlist strikes
  • 850 enemies defeated with sun damage

Enneagon ship

You can get this from the Prismatic Recaster for 1000 Glimmer.

Arrival season armor

You need a complete set of the following parts:

  • Tough helmet
  • Resistant gloves
  • Holdfast Chest
  • Sturdy boots
  • Holdfast class items
  • Witherhoard Exotic
  • You can get this from the Season Pass.
  • Exotic Traveler's Chosen

This will be limited to an Exotic Quest that is not yet activated in the game.

Exotic Exodus

Complete the Exodus Exotic Quest. This quest is not yet activated in the game.

Contact Weapons for public events

You must collect all weapons from the public contact event:

  • -False promises
  • -The Whispering
  • -Hollow words
  • -First to arrive last to leave
  • -Hook of temptation
  • -The memory of Berenger

How to obtain the badge in the arrival season in Destiny 2 will be able to advance in the game and complete the missions that appear to you. Luck!

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