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Lidia Rozo
2020-12-18 16:48:34

More about: Cyberpunk 2077

As we progress in Cyberpunk 2077, the possibility of locating elements opens up and for that reason we tell you where to find the broken bot

What is the broken bot in Cyberpunk 2077?

This is simply a type of robot that is usually achieved in this game, in such a way that it is necessary to take care of doing some necessary activities, which implies recovering an object, only this makes us choose to take a look at the Badlands where land one, or choose to infiltrate a gang camp.

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Where to find the broken bot in Cyberpunk 2077?

Our search work takes us to a landfill, we have the advantage that this is marked on the map, it should be noted that this task makes us have to be stealthy, since there are some specters that are patrolling this place, and we are not interested in crossing with them, in such a way that we continue carefully and in silence until we are able to locate ourselves in a blue van that is in the center of the complex, and it is precisely here where the broken bot is, on the map this vehicle is usually seen as a magnifying glass yellow when we proceed to scan, so that it is necessary to go behind in order to take a look at what may be inside this vehicle, because there we see the broken bot, it is only necessary to approach in order to remove the chip, well this will no longer be needed.

Now, we have already obtained the chip, but we do not necessarily keep it, so we must choose to deposit it at a delivery point, we return to our vehicle because it is necessary to drive north of to get to the mailbox that is located near the fast travel point, once we have done this it is necessary to wait a moment while Dakota Smith calls us because this causes the deal to be closed and also allows us to access our reward.

 This is all you need to know about where to find the broken bot as it is simply a necessary task, as well as a rewarding one that we can carry out in Cyberpunk 2077.

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