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Angel Marquez
2020-12-10 14:28:07

More about: Cyberpunk 2077

On this occasion, we return with a Cyberpunk 2077 guide to explain how to Romance Judy Alvarez .

What to know about Cyberpunk 2077?

In this game, romance is present among the available functions, as we progress we are going to meet Judy, who is one of the characters that can be in love, only that we must do a lot in the game to get to this point when we know her being an integral part of the story, in the beginning, it is not possible to make her fall in love but later with completing some tasks for her it is possible, then to understand How to Romance Judy Alvarez let's move on to the following content and its details.
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How to Romance Judy Alvarez in Cyberpunk 2077?

The first thing to influence is the gender character that we handle when choosing it at the beginning of the game, this is vital to be able to Romance Judy Alvarez, since she can fall in love with female characters, having this aspect covered then we will do some searches for Judy Alvarez, it is important to complete the Space in Between to have this available, after arriving here she calls us after spending 10 hours in real life to tell us about secondary jobs, where when she is doing it, the deal with Judy must be friendly and seek to achieve her goals to avoid blocking your romance as an option in Cyberpunk 2077.

What we will do for her first is a secondary job that has both sides as the name now, this consists of helping Judy Alvarez to deal with the situation of loss of a loved one, we only have to be kind to her for 12 hours of real life, where we will then have to be from Ex-Factor as a secondary job, we just have to have an important choice, between forgiveness or killing Woodman, successful romance goes through killing him, then it is unlocked by talking about a revolution, where we have to choose between accepting or not a payment, where it is safe to deny it, then we have the search for Pisces in which Clouds must be declared independent and with this, we arrive at what will be the last mission, called the pyramid song as to how to Romance Judy Alvarez, in which we must go diving with Judy and we will have the option of falling in love with her, then we must choose between one-night stands or the beginning of a relationship.

 Now that you know how to Romance Judy Alvarez, just do it and keep having fun with everything offered by Cyberpunk 2077.

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