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Angel Marquez
2020-12-12 13:47:10

More about: Cyberpunk 2077

With our Cyberpunk 2077 guide you will learn more about How to get Gorilla Arm.

What to know about Cyberpunk 2077?

At this time we have surely seen endless weapons, now we have to consider Gorilla's, which turn out to be somehow fun, with these it is possible to hit our enemies with our fists, now to understand How to get Gorilla Arm we must continue reading in the following text.

How to get Gorilla Arm in Cyberpunk 2077?

It is about the one update of the cyberware that are bought in Ripperdoc in night city, where 3 rarities are presented regarding How to get Gorilla Arm, and these bring many advantages to consider and are the following.

  • Legendary: for a cost of 100 250 we have the Third universal modulation slot
  • Epic: for the cost of 25,250 we have the second drum mod slot
  • Rare: at the cost of 15250 we will have the ability to hit enemies with a released charge making our weapons deadly in Cyberpunk 2077

Certainly a high cost is paid, but knowing how to apply and combine the mods with the fists are becoming weapons of a higher level, it is ideal we have the details of our gorilla arms, so it will help us to see the one that continues from this guide, let's do it.
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  • The Best Construction of Gorilla Arms: it is necessary that for the How to get Gorilla Arm we have the legendary arms, since they are the mods that can be equipped to the fists so that they are one of the best weapons in body-type combat a body, I can also see highlighting the attributes of the body, achieve an important improvement in our attributes, including resistance, which is used frequently in the movements of the arms in Cyberpunk 2077, we have that Streey Brawler is the skill that we must raise from level, which offers us important advantages for gorilla weapons, it is ideal to take into account that the use of the arms frequently helps us to improve our street fighting skills.
  • Advantages of gorilla arms
  • Efficient Strikes: This one is responsible for reducing the cost of resistance of all our attacks with blunt weapons by 25 percent to 50 percent while requiring 6 corps
  • Unstable: health will be restored between 5 percent to 15 percent and resistance between 5 percent to 15 percent, this when succeeding in blunt weapon attacks by stunning enemies, this triggers once every 5 seconds and is required 18 bodies
  • Frenzy: For 10 seconds, the damage dealt with blunt weapons is increased by 100 percent when defeating an opponent in Cyberpunk 2077
  • True Strength: Stamina is increased from 10 percent to 30 percent and requires 5 bodies
  • The Rock: regarding How to get Gorilla Arm this advantage offers us not to be knocked down by enemies and requires 20 bodies

  • Best Cyberware - Ideally started on any kind of Berserk OS, allowing for a reduction in recoil from ranged weapons and also a 10 percent roll when enabled, but the best thing is that the Melee damage is increased along with our armor, depending on the rarity this will vary in terms of the percentage, it is possible that by choosing the Skeleton Cyberware Microvibration Generator we will achieve an additional increase between 5 to 15 percent in the damage that we will do with the weapons of Melee, as a reinforcement we can also use the Adrenaline Cyberware circulatory system so that a percentage of the resistance is restored once we defeat an enemy, it is between 10 to 50 percent depending on the rarity and finally we have the support of the visual cortex, which allows us to raise the damage per Critant between 10 to 45 percent depending on the rarity in terms of How to get Gorilla Arm.
  • The Gorilla Arms Mods
  • Knuckle Physical Damage - Rare and allows damage type change to physical
  • Thermal Knuckle Damage - Rare and changes the type of damage to thermals
  • Chemical Knuckle Damage - Rare and changes the type of chemical damage
  • Electric Knuckle Damage - This is rare and changes the damage type to electric ones
  • Legendary Knuckle Animals: Damage dealt to physical is changed causing enemies to bleed when hit in Cyberpunk 2077
  • Low Battery Capacity Damage - It's epic and arm damage is 10 percent
  • Half Battery Capacity Damage - It's epic and arm damage is 25 percent
  • High Battery Capacity Damage - It's epic and arm damage is 50 percent
  • Battery Black Market Damage - Legendary and 100 percent arm damage
  • 3U Battery Rin Damage - Legendary with 100 percent arms and killing an enemy restores 100 percent stamina

We hope that the information detailed here on How to get Gorilla Arm, has been useful for your fun and progress in Cyberpunk 2077.

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