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Changes are always necessary and that is why today we will tell you how to get better at Mirage CSGO.

Why get better at Mirage CSGO?

 Because it is necessary to apply some modifications, although it is true, this map is usually favorable and has achieved an excellent boom, there is the possibility of making it better, so it is necessary to know How to get better at Mirage CSGO because it gives us opens up more opportunities to progress.

How to get better at Mirage CSGO?

It is good to know that the Mirage map has some interesting qualities, such is the case of:


  •  Security to control the map and get the result in our favor.
  • We must take care of controlling our grenades and aiming them accurately to initially shoot down another team and try to track them down.
  • Knowing how to get better at Mirage CSGOis a necessary task because this map as such usually has well-placed hideouts.
  • We must get to work as a team, this because not doing so can get us eliminated.


 Knowing how to get better at Mirage CSGO makes it necessary to put some things into practice, this applies to both terrorists and anti-terrorists and here we detail it in this way:

 In the case of counter-terrorists:
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    • We must manage to keep our teammate waiting near the stairs or shorts in order to stock up on public services.
    • Opt to target the mid section of the map as this allows for opportunities to outflank our opponents trying to access bomb sites.
    • Push from the middle because it offers us different variants of the game, we can be aggressive and push the enemies that may be close to the car or ambush those who may be trying to set foot in site B.
    • Managing open options and going back can make it more difficult for intermediate players.
    • In the given case of wanting to seize site A, it is necessary to learn how the opponents usually move, so knowing how to improve in Mirage CSGO is a vital task, in this particular case we must follow the smoke signals because they allow us to reposition ourselves, we will cover the defenses and most blind spots.
    • Playing as a solo player is favorable because while we try to push B when we feel cornered, we can ask for reinforcements from our team and we will place ourselves in a position that can change between A and B.


     In the case of terrorists, knowing how to get better at Mirage CSGO makes it necessary to consider:


    •  Learn how to use grenades, Molotovs and Flashbangs and proceed to plant it to get an advantage against the CT.
    • We must rely on teamwork for sites A and B.
    • Plan the route so that when trying to capture the site we must have another player pushing from the underpass, the palace, or the middle.
    • Pressing through the middle, this allows grenades to be aimed at snipers who tend to hide perks and other high vantage points.
    • Avoid apartments that are in site B and have no utilities, this prevents us from being helped by defending site B.


     There are other actions to consider and this implies:


    •  Boost jumps can help you get into a more favorable position to take down opponents, allowing you to attack by surprise.
    • We must learn to make use of unidirectional smoke in order to get out of complicated situations, we must be aware of who enters or leaves the smoke screen to get shots.
    • Making use of the utilities in order to prevent enemies from entering key areas of the map, this also allows us to have time to prepare because we can be aware of the enemy's position.
    • We must choose to reposition ourselves in key areas around a site where we can ambush enemies.
    • It is ideal to take note of the utilities that are used by the opponents because this can help us determine the style of play, be it aggressive or defensive.


     Now that you know how to get better at Mirage CSGO, you can apply these tips and thus be victorious.

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