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Crashes are normal in all games and CSGO is no different, let's see How to fix Crashing at startup.

What is Crashing at startup in CSGO?

  This is nothing more than a blockage that is usually generated in this game and can become frustrating, so it is necessary to know How to fix Crashing at startup, although it is true, blockages usually occur in almost all games, it becomes complicated to have we have to adapt to this kind of thing it takes the thrill a little bit we recognize that errors are normal but sometimes they can be quite annoying these can sometimes be caused by us just the idea of having controllers obsolete graphics can cause the error to be shown, to name a few, so we invite you to continue reading and thus be able to solve the problem.

How to fix Crashing at startup in CSGO?

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    Choose to update the graphics card: this is the first action to be carried out to respond to this error, sometimes we have an obsolete card and this usually throws us errors, so we will have to take care of going to the manufacturer's official website with the object to download the latest version and proceed to do a clean installation.

     Choose to verify the integrity of the CSGO files: this is another of the fixes that we can execute to know how to fix Crashing at startup and in this case we must:


    •  Start the Steam client and go to Library to right click on CSGO- Operation Broken Fang and proceed to select Properties.
    • Then, we will go to Local files to proceed to click Verify the integrity of game files.
    • We just have to wait while the process lasts and that's it.


     Close unnecessary programs: sometimes we have open programs that are not usually useful, except for Windows Applications, so knowing How to fix Crashing at startup leads us to close them and start CSGO and in this case we must:


    •  Press Windows R to type “msconfig” in the search bar and press Enter.
    • Then, we will go to the Services tab in order to check Hide all Microsoft services and click on Disable all.
    • Next, we will go to the Startup tab where we click on Open task manager and disable one task at a time to finally restart the system.


     There is a possibility that GeForce Overlay or Steam Overlay may be enabled, these overlays usually generate this error, so knowing How to fix Crashing on startup, it is necessary to disable them and that's it.

     Another action to consider here is to reverse the overclocking or upgrade the old graphics card, otherwise we will get instability during high performance scenes.

     It is necessary to narrow down the disc read error issue and it is not far from the inconvenience that we are dealing with in this guide, sometimes the game does not have permission to write to the disc, that is, there are no administrator privileges in this In this case, we must provide administrator rights to Steam and do the same in the case of the game, this is a task that implies:


    •  Right-click on the Steam desktop shortcut or the .exe.
    • Then, we select Properties and go to the Compatibility tab.
    • We will mark Run this program as an administrator and that's it.


     We can end this guide on How to fix Crashing at startup, so it is necessary to apply one of these fixes and thus continue enjoying CSGO.

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