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In a universe where the dynasty is important, it is necessary to know how to use succession and we are going to explain that in this Crusader Kings 3 guide.

What does a succession in Crusader Kings 3 mean?

  A succession of days when the legitimate ruler has died, sometimes it is possible to have a child who becomes a successor, whom they will prepare from an early age, however, not all the time this usually happens and sometimes another worked Thus, which leads to the taking of control in a somewhat more aggressive way, knowing how to use succession makes us work so that this process does not have to become so complicated, thus allowing the heir to obtain the titles of ruler principal managing to remain in charge of the control of the lands.
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    How to use succession in Crusader Kings 3?

     Our kingdom usually has some laws of succession and to observe them it is necessary to go to the menu tab from the green icon that we see on our screen, here it is possible to see exactly who is our heir and all the details of the titles, which makes us think a bit, since a possible succession could end it, the way to see the heir is to place ourselves under the avatar of the Heir Player, which we can access when the ruler dies, only that this implies more responsibility and obviously this with carries some demands on the part of society.

     It is important to consider that the heir can get as many titles as possible from the ruler, as this implies an amount of money that we can receive, the amount of prestige during succession process, the opportunity to keep a good amount of land, It is possible to achieve this succession by conquering some territories, whether they are particular kingdoms or simply de Jure.

     The prestige that our ruler may have does not really have much relevance, since succession process does not allow modifications to be carried out, since it is blocked in the case of becoming a trivial ruler and opting for the Confederate Partition, however, it is possible do some research, even when the current rules are in force and they can make this process more complex, sometimes it is possible to throw some problems at us or end up annoying the vassals for wanting to make changes, but if we do not do it we may not achieve objectives important, because a succession can imply some series of changes that we can implement even when the culture sees it from another point of view.

     This is everything you need to know about How to use succession which allows us to become heirs of some important portion of territory, titles and respect in Crusader Kings 3.

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