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Today we bring you a Core Keeper guide where we will talk about where to find the location of the fiber.

What to know about the fiber in Core Keeper?

Through the Clay Caves biome we can access this, considering that there are a couple of sources of the fiber here at this point, being similar creatures with the worms that drop it when they die and the worm eggs that spawn larvae, Now, to find your location precisely, it is ideal to take into account some details that are presented below.

Where to find fiber location in Core Keeper?

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You have to find the biome through exploration and mining, for the latter a pickaxe is required, which we can obtain by making it from wood, then it can be from a chest through copper ingots, when obtaining it you have to mine to find the orange color on the map and the terrain, being the indication that we will have found the Clay Caves biome, now the name of the biome appears on the screen, which is another indicator that we have achieved it.

Finally, now that we know where to find the fiber location, we can move on to Core Keeper.

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