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The action in Core Keeper does not stop, which leads us to tell you how to get more mushrooms.

What to know about the fungi in Core Keeper?

  Seeking to gather resources to improve our defenses and possibilities, it turns out to be simpler to cultivate them, although it does not apply to all of them, looking to see if it is possible with this one in particular, we have to follow the details regarding how to obtain more mushrooms that are presented to continuation.

How to get more mushrooms in Core Keeper?

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    Cultivating mushrooms is not possible, which appear all over the map, anywhere, specifically the best locations are in cold and dark areas in Core Keeper, but we cannot get them in the form of crops, it is possible that over time this function is added, attempts have been made without achieving anything, there are many players who have tried it without any report of success, as for how to obtain more mushrooms, the best thing is to dig to collect them while we are finding them.

    The largest form of mushroom has a specific purpose of use, despite its rarity, we will only access 3 of this type of giant mushrooms, when we find one we cannot eat it if we do not cook it correctly, it is ideal for a giant amber pudding, which requires this fungus and a Maber larva, with this we have a 34 food, 75 permanent health and 52 maximum health for 5 minutes, being one of the most outstanding recipes that we will have to cook, Much needed in boss fights.

     It is evident that knowing how to obtain more mushrooms allows us to have more progress and fun while we progress in Core Keeper.

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