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Lidia Rozo
2020-09-02 19:45:53

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With the most recent DLC Control seeks to occupy us a bit, so it is necessary to understand how to complete the mission Clean the mold, let's see.

What is the Clean Mold mission in Control?

  This is one of the necessary tasks that we come across in this game, as it is immersed within the research section, it is a somewhat complex activity to perform, as it has some interesting difficulty, although there is no need to complete it to finish the game is necessary to achieve if we are interested in getting some rewards. Knowing how to complete the mission Clean the mold allows us to move between the 3 sections of the Research Sector, thus obtaining at least 8 mold pods in this area infested with Control.
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How to complete the mission Clean the mold in Control?

 Access the Service Tunnel: The service tunnel contains the first area of ​​mold and here it is necessary to use the launch or our weapon in order to destroy the pods, to get to this place it is necessary to follow the indications, as it is necessary to cross the double doors and get up until we reach the platform that is located above and we can identify it thanks to a yellow cloth, take a look to the left where we will see a pair of blue barriers, there is a door through which we access the first mold infested area.

Get to the AWE loading dock: It is first necessary to locate ourselves at this control point to start the search, for this it is necessary to cross the double doors to access the cargo bag, then we will have to find a large tube in the center of the room, approach him and follow him to take us to a secret room that is located behind a panel, which must be removed with our Launch and enter the place looking to turn to the right to find the mold.

Locate the air conditioning systems: First we are located at the control point of the turntable, from here it is necessary to get to the office that is located above us to get to the public services corridor and from there go down the elevator shaft , we will have to eliminate a couple of enemies of the mold and go through the rubble to access the room that is located on the right side until we find the mold.

 Finally, knowing how to complete the mission Clean the mold allows us to move a little in search of mold in Control, so just follow our instructions you will see that it is not complicated, it is also a necessary task to get rewards.

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