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Read the following Clash of Beasts article carefully, because we have covered everything you need to know about summoning beasts.

What are beasts in Clash of Beasts?

They correspond to the main to fight against other players in the game. Beasts are necessary to be able to raid enemy bases to take possession of their resources.

How to summon beasts in Clash of Beasts?

Brightwing needs you to unlock Ar'kanos and Talvara, and both beasts must reach level three. When they are at this level, you will have the opportunity to use Soul Shards to unlock Brightwing. Four monsters can be cast after summoning Brightwing, but you will have to cast Brightwing three times before unlocking it. This will allow you to "Summon Beast" as long as you have enough.
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You can also use prismatic fragments when summoning a beast to fill the soul fragments immediately. This grants you a fragment from a Beast Summon, instead of the possibility of using Soul Fragments.

To get prismatic shards you will have to go to events or the armory.

To summon your beast you will need an available slot and the necessary level.

That's all you need to know about summoning beasts in Clash of Beasts, so we hope that now that you know it, you will be able to get more out of these creatures.

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