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With our help, you will see that knowing how to get food is easier than you thought in Citizen Sleeper.

What to know about the food in Citizen Sleeper?

It is something necessary that allows us to recharge our energy bar, there are certainly many options, however, the most important corresponds to food, with the need to survive it is necessary that we are aware of how to get food and for this we will have the support of the content to be presented in this guide below, let's see it.

How to get food in Citizen Sleeper?

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    We are going to receive a job from Dragos, who found us, options will be presented with which we will add money, it is important to make the right choice that allows us to get the most out of our initial class, managing to improve our chances, when we win some money we will go to the market north of the junkyard, here we have to use the action dice as it is the first time we are here, the food stall will be available after this, we will go through an introduction that lets us try it for free the first time, achieving the purchase for 15 cryogenic Emphis mushrooms, allows the restoration of 3 parts of the energy bar, as we progress we will see unlocked areas to have access to more food stalls to buy.

    We hope that the information detailed here on How to get food has been very useful for your progress and fun in Citizen Sleeper.

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