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The Elder Scrolls Online Greymoor: How to get Gold and money

2020-06-01 11:35:48

In the world of The Elder Scrolls Online unimportant searches, we will discover how to get gold and money

  One of the activities that is most interesting in this game is knowing how to obtain gold and money, since both are fundamental elements when it comes to being able to mobilize and proceed to make our purchases, only that here is not a major inconvenience, since once that we know where to simply look for the path is more comfortable for us.

How to get gold and money at The Elder Scrolls Online?


  •  In the activities: There are some interesting activities to do and knowing how to get gold and money can be done there, because visiting the dungeons, participating in some battles or attending events allows us to receive some rewards that can be gold or money, bids we do not necessarily have to complete missions for get It.
  • Looting: There is the possibility of getting gold in some loot on the ground, in some corpses of enemies that have fallen in The Elder Scrolls Online, or sometimes in containers.
  • Searching: An interesting option to get gold specifically is the possibility of carrying out missions and having them completed, since on the one hand it allows us to achieve an excellent level of experience and on the other hand to be rewarded with gold, but keep in mind that not always It will be like this.
  • Stealing: Getting gold can occur in several ways, stealing is an option, and even though they can capture us and get us a pretty heavy penalty, the game specifically has a peculiarity and that is that we have the possibility of escaping. It is possible to consider stealing gold from some containers that may be sealed or simply from buildings.
  • Subscribe to ESO Plus to get more gold in The Elder Scrolls Online: The search to know how to get gold and money leads us to exhaust all the options that are presented to us, in the particular case of gold there is the possibility of subscribing to ESO Plus, because there It allows us to get at least 10 percent of victims. It is important to note that being subscribed to ESO Plus and being active allows us to have the possibility of receiving 1,650 crowns per month, since these are not earned by carrying out some type of activity or mission within the game, this is simply the type of currency used here, but there is also the possibility of obtaining them by buying them with real money.

How to get money at The Elder Scrolls Online?

  •  Selling Craft Items: Knowing how to get gold and money in this game is extremely important, but specifically getting money turns out to be a not very complex task and this is particularly due to the fact that it is possible to sell some items obtained in the game. First consider that standard merchants are delicate and generally do not usually buy stolen objects, these objects are not very profitable since it is necessary to invest in them first, since the idea is to get the improvement of skills, since these items can be made in TESO but they are not so feasible to get money.
  • Daily searches: These are simply tasks that are not complex, since most of them only require obtaining or preparing a specific item and proceeding to deliver to a certain place that has been designated, this is part of getting some reward, this generally presents a variation according to our level.
  • The daily rewards: A fantastic method to get money in The Elder Scrolls Online are the daily rewards, because these can be gold and we can get up to 10,000, these rewards can be sold because there is nothing that prevents you from doing it, for this you only have to log in once a day and opt for our daily reward in the notifications section.

 This is all we know about how to get gold and money while we get around working a little on The Elder Scrolls Online.

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