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Ambar Jimenez
2023-09-11 15:52:12

Are you familiar with the many different types of casino games? If not, you might be new to the online gaming world. If you are, you’re about to learn three of the most appropriate casino games that you can enjoy as a complete newcomer to online casinos.

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As for the three gaming categories you may wish to explore as a complete novice in the online casino gaming space, let us discuss these now.

Video Slots

No matter which online gaming site you join, there is a strong chance that this category will be the most diverse of them all. Because of their simplicity and suitability for players of all experience levels, there are literally thousands of video slots out there these days. If you sign up with a quality site, you might just have a four-figure range of video slots to browse through. This is obviously great from the perspective of the sheer quantity of games, but this doesn’t explain why video slots are so ideal for beginners.

Specifically, they are ideal because these games have zero rules or complex systems to learn. In fact, no matter how different one video slot might be from the next, they will both function in the exact same way. They use a set of reels and rows that rotate and reveal an outcome with each spin. It doesn’t get easier than this.


In contrast to the video slots category discussed above, blackjack is a card game, and a pretty famous one at that. Compared to card games like poker or baccarat, blackjack is much easier to learn. Most newcomers can learn the fundamental rules of blackjack in a matter of minutes, and there are many titles you can play in “demo mode” to fine-tune your skills before committing any cash.

To quickly give you the scoop, your job in blackjack is to get as close to 21 (total) as possible without going over. And if you get closer than the dealer, you win.

Crash Games

The final beginner-friendly gaming category that you should try relates to crash games. Now, these are totally different from blackjack and video slots. Essentially, in these games, you stump up a wager prior to the start of a round. As for what these rounds entail, it could be a pilot flying a plane, a car driving down a track, or something else entirely. 

Fundamentally, the object in the game will travel progressively further, increasing the winning multiplier at the same time. However, the fun part is that the object will ultimately “crash”. At this point, if you haven’t cashed out your winnings, you lose. If you have, you could get a handsome return. 

The catch is that you never know when the crash is coming, which makes these games so much fun.


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