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Lidia Rozo
2020-12-18 16:18:55

More about: Call of the Sea

Call of the Sea is a phenomenal adventure and that's why it's worth telling you How to solve the hydroelectric generator puzzle

What is the hydroelectric generator puzzle in Call of the Sea?

This is another one of the many riddles with which we get and that it is necessary to answer them to progress throughout this game, so knowing how to solve the hydroelectric generator puzzle makes us take care of working a little in chapter 4, as this is one of the two necessary puzzles to solve in this chapter and once ready opens the way to the next puzzle with which this chapter is usually completed.

How to solve the hydroelectric generator puzzle in Call of the Sea?

 Our task leads us to go to the hydroelectric generator, in such a way that it is necessary to reach the top of the mountain, once we arrive we see that the technology here is a bit old, so we move directly to where the generator is located, obviously we see that this is not operational, then, here we see:
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  • That the water does not usually flow and therefore the water wheel does not tend to rotate.
  • Generator power is usually off.
  • There is no possibility of generating any kind of power for the sound system.


 In this sense, it is necessary to take care of moving around the main area to choose to go down the stairs and turn left in order to get to the campsite where it is possible to see that there is a rockfall, in addition to a fallen statue with a mural , but this does not end there, because we can see 4 diamond buttons, so we must focus on interacting with both the mural and the buttons and proceed to draw them in our diary, only this statue with murals is not the only one, which makes us take care of locating another three, in such a way that we do the same previous procedure interact with it and proceed to draw in our diary, considering that we must have a particular order, since this must coincide with the buttons and this usually happens this way:


  •  Press the upper button for the upper wall.
  • Press the right button for the upper middle wall.
  • Press the lower button for the lower middle wall.
  • Press the left button for the lower wall.


 It is necessary to do this work in the sequence described here, because with this we get a scene that shows us the rocks to move in order to make the water flow again, so that it is necessary to go again to where the regenerator is located to note that the water will drive the wheel again, so it is necessary to place ourselves in the back where the gears of the generator are usually, once here it is vital to press the yellow button 3 times because this allows us to get circles of 270 degree gray color.

Then we move to where the levers are located, and we pull the right in order to put the right pinion in position, we press the yellow button a total of 3 times because it is necessary to align the pinions, once this has been done it is possible to cast a look at the gadget of buttons necessary for the turbine, in such a way that this allows us to visualize the lights and check that they are on, once this has been done, proceed to press the buttons over and over again to get all of them on, once this is ready we must pull two levers of the power terminal and that's it.

 This is all we can tell you about How to solve the hydroelectric generator puzzle, feet is simply a vital task that we must carry out in Call of the Sea.

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