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Lidia Rozo
2020-12-18 16:13:16

More about: Call of the Sea

The adventures in Call of the Sea do not stop and this allows us to tell you about How to solve the puzzle of the howling statue

What is the howling statue puzzle in Call of the Sea?

Riddles are a very normal element in this game and this makes us occupy ourselves for a long time, as this puzzle specifically is part of the constellation door and is a fundamental piece that is usually developed in chapter 6, which concerns us of some cool stuff.

How to solve the howling statue puzzle in Call of the Sea?

Our job consists of taking care of opening the door of the constellation because it allows us to access the black and white doors, in addition to having the possibility of obtaining three buttons that are usually diamond-shaped, and another circular, since each of these Diamonds have a particular number of times which can be pressed, because as we press the button the statue usually makes a 90-degree turn:
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  • The left diamond button usually controls the statue on the left.
  • The middle button usually controls the middle statue.
  • The right button controls the right.


 The number of buttons that usually need to be pressed is:

  •  3 times the left button.
  • 1 time the middle button.
  • 1 time the right button.


 Now, in the case of the circular button, this serves to make the black sockets rise from the water, which makes us go to another control panel and choose to press the buttons in this way:

  •  1 time the left button.
  • 1 time the middle button.
  • 3 times the right button


 Then it is necessary to take care of pressing the circle button to make the white sockets rise from the water and this takes us to the steps of the first control panel for which it is necessary to press:

  •  1 time the middle button.
  • 3 times the left button.


 With this work already done, it is necessary to choose to walk through the baseboards in order to reach the tattoo machine, it is necessary to interact with it and thus take the symbol of the constellation, once this has been done it is necessary to take care of go to the main room in order to complete the puzzle and thus end the game.

 Now that you know how to solve the howling statue puzzle, it's time to give it a try, as Call of the Sea simply engages us in an interesting puzzle adventure.

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