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Angel Marquez
2020-12-17 14:21:13

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In the universe of Call of Duty warzone we have many tasks, one of them is how to complete all the event challenges of the island of rebirth.

What to know about Call of Duty warzone?

The Island of Rebirth is the new map that arrives loaded with objectives, among which the event stands out with different challenges and rewards that can be obtained, so to understand how to complete all the event challenges of the island of rebirth it is appropriate to highlight the details that follow.
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How to complete all the rebirth island event challenges in Call of Duty warzone?

There are 16 challenges completing in the Rebirth Island event in Warzone, and we've listed them all along with the reward they unlock below.

Considering a total of 16 challenges, the details of them are as follows:


  •  The Warning Sticker: Requires 30 kills with a legendary weapon
  • The experimentation card: compliance with 30 contracts is required
  • Family Strength: 30 percent of the place be superior 15 times
  • The Emblem of Brother Bear: access 100 boxes
  • The Sticker Again: you have to pick up 200 piles from the ground
  • The BRB calling card: driving a vehicle for 20 minutes
  • The Corrosive Charm: purchase of 30 items from the Killstreak required
  • The Emblem of the Shooting Star: We must collect our cargo 20 times
  • The Emblem of Thunderbolts: before the first in the circle is closed you must achieve a kill
  • The Red Bear: we have to use 50 armor plates
  • Charm Reborn: Kill 100 enemies
  • The Soviet Space Program Calling Card: while in the vehicle we have to cause 2 deaths or help
  • Loading ... Calling card: destroy a vehicle that is carrying enemies
  • The Emblem of the Renaissance: superior 5 times in 30 percent of the place
  • The Sacrificial Calling Card: with a common weapon we have to achieve 300 kills
  • The Light Machine Gun Blueprints: Get in the top 30 percent 30 times

 We can conclude that knowing how to complete all the event challenges of the island of rebirth allows us to progress to the maximum in Call of Duty Warzone.

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